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Car Blower Motor Not Working


A wiring diagram will be needed to properly test the heater blower motor controls. It sounds most like you're having some sort of electrical problem with your ventilation controls more than with your AC system or heat. BlueDevil Pro says: September 19, 2015 at 10:04 am Stephany, The problem you're describing in your van sounds like it is more of an electrical issue rather than your air conditioning The last two days, when I started the car in the early morning (3am) in freezing cold temperatures of 30 degrees.

keith 2012-02-23 02:39:21 UTC #2 If its the resistor, the fan will still work on high. Acción en curso... This is to prevent the circulation of ice-cold air on cold winter days when heat is selected on the climate control.Some drivers and car owners might complain about these normal operating The recall is for a failing ECU that may stall the car.

Car Blower Not Working On All Settings

cigroller 2012-02-23 19:24:51 UTC #10 This is quite characteristic of a bad connection at the fan, a bad/going bad fan motor, or a bad switch. I'm just looking for advice to confirm that the evap core is most likely the culprit. We recommend taking the Nissan into an A/C specialist to be addressed. keith 2012-02-23 02:39:48 UTC #3 cont You may have to remove the glove box, which is easy to do, its hooked in place, no tools required.

All fuses and relays are fine. Thank you! -BDP Chris says: September 10, 2015 at 11:48 am Hello, I have 2003 Hyundai Tiburon Gt V6. The (shudder) dealer? Bad Blower Motor Symptoms Blower Motor Control: Blower Motor Resistor Faults The driver also controls the speed at which the blower motor operates.

Check Engine light problems Check Engine light trouble codes Glossary of automotive terms More » Used Car Reviews Toyota Corolla 2009-2013 Mitsubishi Lancer 2008-2013 Chrysler PT Cruiser 2001-2010 BMW 3-series 2006-2011 Blower Motor Not Working On Central Air Also, if I can't figure this out, who should I take this to? I turn the control from off to slow all the way to highest, and... my review here What do you think the cause of this is?

Tracking down electrical issues like loose wires can be very tedious. No Air Blowing From Vents In Car Probe the output terminals first, switching from low to high speeds. Then probe the switch input terminal. The fact that it doesn't blow at all is an indication that something is wrong with your blower motor.

Blower Motor Not Working On Central Air

I can't tell you how often I have found a critter nest in the heater case. The Freon levels have probably become so low that compressor is no longer coming on. Car Blower Not Working On All Settings richpin06a 278.998 visualizaciones 8:36 Blower Not Moving Any Air - Duración: 3:46. Car Ac Not Blowing Air From Vents I'm just mentioning this in case you have a situation with no power present to operate the blower motor.

Only kicks in sometimes? Check This Out Wiring problems can be a lot of work to chase down, but if you have patience and the right electronic meter you can do it. Sometimes if I slam the door it will start blowing. That is good news because usually those are less expensive problems to fix. Car Air Conditioner Not Blowing Any Air

Could It Be the Heater Blower?Heat is delivered when hot coolant from the engine is diverted through the heater core and out through the vents. And yes - all you need to do is look for 12V at the blower connector. Any ideas?!? Source Sometimes, even if you've done everything the right way, you can destroy, or damage, a piece, or part.

Replacing the blower motor and possibly fan should get you back to having AC! Car Air Conditioner Not Blowing Hard For weight. Here's a cut and paste of the manual:page1: Which fuse do you think controls this fan?

However, there are a few vehicles out there that make it extremely difficult.

Lawrence McPhail says: July 16, 2015 at 5:59 pm I took my car to the car wash for the first time a couple weeks ago and ever since then my air This blower motor resistor from the 2008 Ford Escape has failed due to corrosion. These Blower Motor Resistors Get Hot They mount the resister block in the air conditioner or heater case, because of the generous amounts of air flow. Blower Motor Not Working On Any Speed My guess is that the cold temperatures built some frost in the motor fan (thus obstructing its movement) and the warm temperature melted it away, so now it's working.

First, there should be a small drain hose in the bottom of your air box. The next component to look at would be the fan speed knob in the HVAC controls and then the actual blower motor to make sure all the wires are connected properly RockAuto Auto Parts 1.024.601 visualizaciones 4:01 Car fan / AC only works on high - Replacing the Blower Resistor - Duración: 4:24. have a peek here Your vehicle fan is controlled by two different relays in the engine compartment fuse box.

Hopefully the motor itself is good and it’s just a wiring issue. If I walk away for awhile (I assume, if I cool it down) it is dead again. Once you've got a new blower motor installed, you need to make sure your AC system doesn't freeze again so you don't short out your new motor as well. Fan speed adjusts, air is cold but then the fan just stops blowing.

I live in MN so heat is a must!!!! Scotty Kilmer 518.123 visualizaciones 3:03 How To Fix Your Car's AC When It's Not Blowing Cold - Recharging With R134A - Duración: 6:38. BlueDevil Pro says: July 27, 2015 at 1:34 pm Lawrence- From your description it sounds you’re having trouble with the blower in your car. When I bought it, the a/c blew nice and cold but only on high.

I bought a used 2004, F-150 Heritage. Dashboard technology This article is from the mid-1980s. Some theories: ECU/ECM causing this.