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Cisco Asa 5510 Static Nat Not Working


Also verify that the order of the NAT rules is appropriate. Topology Here is a visual look at how this is cabled and configured: Step 1 - Configure NAT to Allow Hosts to Go Out to the Internet For this example Object In version 8.3 and later code, the ASA untranslates that packet before it checks the interface ACLs. static pat tranlation is working on the ASA. "sh xlate debug | i"2. http://phpbbconstructor.com/cisco-asa/cisco-asa-5510-asdm-not-working.html

The dns option rewrites the A record, or address record, in DNS replies that match this static. Step 2 - Configure NAT to Access the Web Server from the Internet Now that the hosts on the inside and DMZinterfaces can get out to the Internet, you need to If you take the first entry in the previous output: When hosts that match the subnet traverse from the inside interface to the outside interface, youwant to dynamically translate them For example, when a host on the network initiates a connection to, then the second address in the access list is the source address. https://supportforums.cisco.com/discussion/10796346/asa-5510-static-nat

Cisco Asa Static Nat Example

My advice still stands. –drookie Nov 23 '14 at 19:25 1 So my guess is that you want to access it by it's FQDN, which resolves to the external ip Because the source IP address of clients is not known as it reaches your website, specify any meaning 'Any IP address'. If a packet matches a NAT rule in the NAT RPF-check phase, which indicates that the reverse flow would hit a NAT translation, but does not match a rule in the Create the extended access list using the access-list extended command.

Also, define a second object to represent the IP you willtranslate this host to. In the example below, a sample TCP packet that enters the inside interface and is destined to a host on the Internet is given. route outside route inside ! Cisco Asa 8.2 Nat Configuration Example Moreover, if the destination address is being used by another host on the inside network, that host receives the packet.

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