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Car Stereo Left Speaker Not Working


Follow Us Facebook How To Fix Buy Do More About Us Advertise Privacy Policy Careers Contact Terms of Use © 2016 About, Inc. — All rights reserved. While it's theoretically possible that the failure is in the left front speaker, it's rather unlikely. Of course I will send it to the pro shop but need to know how serious it is? radio, CD player, auxiliary input, etc). Source

It turned out to be the wiring. Richard, thank you very much. Check the door jam ( in the hinge area) on the side with the defective speaker too and look for broken or mangled rubber harness cover. To be sure, change the setting on the multimeter to volts in the range of 12V (usually the 20V setting).

One Car Speaker Not Working

Topics range from basic system installation (head units, amplifiers, speakers, etc.) and mobile security (car alarms and remote start) to subwoofer box design and fiberglass fabrication. speaker is broken where it goes through the door hinge area. Where is gets even more complicated is when you're dealing with balanced audio inputs, as with pro sound and broadcast. If the right channel continues to work then you know the problem is in the RCA cables between the amp and the crossover.

If you are listening through a wired connection, then the wire may have a break in it somewhere. With Right Test, it works perfectly on the right speaker. Reply Mick commented 09 Mar 12 at 9:28 am Hi, many thanks for taking the trouble to create these tests. How Do I Know If My Car Speakers Are Blown Vast improvement when the speakers are in phase!!!

What do you think? Car Aux Only Plays One Side i do have a dvm. To test tweeters in isolation you could try downloading a WAV file of a sine wave ABOVE the cutoff frequency of your crossover (around 3kHz and 6kHz) and see if you

If it does, ensure that the balance control is in the centre position.

Please let me know what the problem is. Car Speaker Cuts In And Out It could be in the cables or some other component's left channel. I have 2 instrument cables connected to an adapter that will make them be able to connect to the computer audio port. I'm also hearing a lot of left ch.

Car Aux Only Plays One Side

So - stupid me - in bad light I have copy that connection once for A speakers ports and than repeating this for B speaker ports. This wire is moved and flexed every day. One Car Speaker Not Working Best regards Jan Reply Richard Farrar commented 23 Mar 12 at 2:43 pm Hi Jan, You certainly are having some interesting problems. Car Stereo Only Plays One Side When you listen to the following test, place your head as centrally as you can between your two speakers; you should hear Winnie coming from the dead centre of your speakers.

So I'll try to switch polarity. this contact form So, my question: Assuming you do have your left and right speakers in phase, does it matter if you have polarity reversed (i.e., reversed + and - on both speakers)? How do I check the surround speaker wirings and what effect mode should I put on my AVR? It could be the speaker wire, any of the wiring connections or a bad speaker. Car Stereo Speakers Not Working

Turn on the stereo system. Have you checked the system wiring and the manual? If you are not getting a reading of ~12V, then you have narrowed the problem down to faulty wiring. have a peek here Then with the rear clearly audible on the right, adjust the balance to see if the left rear works.

In this case you are hearing equal amounts of Winnie from both speakers. Front Car Speakers Not Working It had basically the same problem.posted by bonobothegreat at 6:46 PM on October 6, 2013 [1 favorite] I have had this same problem on several different audio devices over the years Last edited by Francis Vaughan; 06-19-2012 at 10:00 AM..

If I put up the phase test as a downloadable MP3 on my website, would that help you to try in your car?

If it doesn't work then it is indeed a bad speaker. With surround sound ON, when i played the left speaker test, i heard the left speaker, and the RIGHT. Sadly I would agree with the above, if it has failed in the hinge it will be a total pain to fix. Rear Car Speakers Not Working Newer units use digital encoders to send pulse trains to a micro that digitally sets the volume using digital pots.

Reply Mark P commented 25 Feb 12 at 12:49 pm Richard, I did ask about and found an mp3 that had some shifting tones and frequencies, in the end the original It's easy to do with almost no contact parts. (Last month, I did have to add some capacitors to one to fix a design shortcoming for a neighbor. Pick a speaker, but not both, this must only be done on one speaker. option A is what i thought you meant, option B just means you pull the top off and spray some deoxit in the pot for the volume knob.

Take care. Now set your DVM to measure DC (we get the DC equivalent reading of the AC and subsequent polarity or phase). What it seems to be is that something is oxidizing/corroding. What is the meaning of "cow in the middle"?

Reply bashar commented 22 Feb 12 at 5:55 am Hi, brilliant article is there a way to down load the Centre Balance Test file so i can play it on my Reply Richard commented 01 Nov 10 at 12:26 pm If you have a DVM, try tooky‘s instructions above. Reply Jan commented 16 Mar 12 at 1:32 pm Richard, thank you very much for responding. don't hold the wires in that reliably, and they start to get loose over time.

Reply Cary W. I can't explain exactly how the hell that worked in any technical sense but just reseating the cables didn't do it. Use the Contact link in the bottom right column of this page. In answer to your question reversed polarity as you put it will have absolutely NO effect on the sound quality at all.

When I play your phase test the "out of phase" always sounds louder and more centered, even after I change polarity on one of the speakers. It's conceivable that the wire to the L.F.