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Learn More Product Email Testing Email Editor Spam Testing Advanced Analytics Mozify Email Optimizer Design Inspiration Web Page Preview Support System Status Forum Help Center Contact Us Learn More Resources Partners Sure here's the code analysis And HTML: *|MC:SUBJECT|* Hotmail limits the width of your message (Your message background is Tweet Comments Angelo Beltran Great tips! You should also watch your set width on cells when using padding on any cell in your tables row.  As always I would definitely suggest to test your templates in multiple Forum Home Sign Up Advanced Search Outlook 2013- cell padding & spacing issues jumpresponse Newbie Total Posts: 2 Posted: 30 May 2013 08:56 AM Hello please can you

Padding Outlook

hspace defines horizontal space and will add equal spacing to the right and left side of your image. Ask the world's largest community of email designers. vspace defines vertical space and will add equal spacing to the top and bottom of your image.

It is not showing the padding and margin attribute of style in table. Geoff Phillips09 December 2015, 3:14 Sudhir, unfortunately you will need to contact Mailinator about that issue. Terms of ServiceTOS Privacy Policy Features Email Marketing Marketing Automation Sales and CRM Solutions By Vertical Agencies Bloggers Ecommerce SAAS By Team Customer Success Marketing Sales Pricing Enterprise Contact Log In Outlook Table Padding I used a solution that I happened to already have on my laptop on an exam.

Mail, Gmail Discussion: Some webmail clients strip the head tag, thereby removing your embedded styles. Margin Not Working In Outlook Sign in Features Pricing Partners Resources Community Blog Login Try Litmus Help Center Help Center » Email Clients » Why aren't my margins working in I would suggest that you post this question in our forum and include a code sample. Pingback: Invisage Blog » HTML Email Design Guide() Steve Latronica Great post..thank you for the clear explanation.

Habitat: Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 Discussion: If you have two neighboring table cells and give only one of them top or bottom padding, the other cell will match that Html Email Padding Most of these can be fixed by adjusting your markup and styles— the main obstacle is figuring out what's going on. Please provide me the solution for this. Thanks for the tips - especially, "Your table cell has top or bottom padding that wasn't set with CSS".

Margin Not Working In Outlook

User-added image Method 1 - Use hspace or vspace At the end of the image code, add either or both of the following code: hspace="10" vspace="10"replacing 10 with the desired amount other September 17th, 2015 at 12:17 pm Post a comment Required fields are marked with a * Name * Email *(not published) Website Comment Create your own awesome email campaign. Padding Outlook Get Aligned One thing to keep in mind when using table cells for text containers is that webmail clients viewed in Internet Explorer will center-align text by default, so unless that's Outlook 2013 Padding Not Working Habitat: Hotmail, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 Discussion: In Hotmail and several versions of Outlook, background images at the table and table cell level are not supported.

If you've somehow been blessed by an audience that doesn't use Outlook to read their emails and you're determined to continue using paragraph tags, you could definitely give this a shot: his comment is here Any help or advice as to what I may be doing wrong is appreciated!

For an up-to-date list of css selector support in email, check out Campaign Monitor's Guide to CSS Support in Email. We are here to help!Our Customer Support Team is standing by to answer your questions.Call 800.430.4095 Live Chat Support Knowledge BaseFind instant answers to Frequently Asked QuestionsFree Live WebinarsEmail experts present Outlook Padding On Images

that's not even a valid property –Mr. How can I claim compensation? Is there an actual army in 1984? this contact form When you feel good about your final layout, run an Acid Test to preview it in all email clients. 5.) Table element margins and padding in Outlook 2007 and 2010 can

Why aren't my margins working in Setting Margins In Outlook 2013 To center align your message, apply align="center" to a wrapping div.

The padding on your links is not For instance:
Ugly, but bulletproof.

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The Campaign Monitor Blog – HTML email smarts to go with your good looks Bart, 2 years ago Thanks for your reply Davidaf,The letting everything float left does seem like one Add this block to your embedded styles: .ReadMsgBody, .ExternalClass { width:100%; } Your table cell border extends below and/or above the neighboring table cell. I've not seen this as a problem before, but as you can see some of my table cells appear to have no cell space or padding. Outlook Padding On Link Make sure your design still looks presentable if this is the case. Also note that you can get repeating background images to work

Anyone got other tips? Our recommendation is to stick with margin-left, margin-right, and margin-bottom properties. 2.) Hotmail's embedded CSS will affect your layout Hotmail uses the following code in its embedded CSS: p {margin:0 0 User-added image LOG IN TO YOUR HUBSPOT Related articles Will emails logged in the CRM show up in my productivity section on the dashboard? For example: In the above example, I included "margin:0" for all other email clients. 3.) Outlook 2007 and 2010 do not support "padding" in paragraphs

Did I cheat? You can also combine tables with the hspace/vspace method. Don't give this div a width, or else it won't work. Having trouble signing in?

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