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Without digital cable boxes for each of my sets am I screwed?[reply to this|link to this|view in thread] lisa, May 13th, 2009 @ 11:13am cablevisioni can only speak for how it If that happened where I am, it would be moot, as I don't have options for cable providers. If you use two coaxial cables—one from the wall to the cable box and another from the TV to the cable box—you may have the two coaxial cables switched. I watch sports and the History channel ... Check This Out

The sound should work fine now. I think all new TV's are HDTV capable (even though resolution might be the same in say a 13in TV) Buy one and still have to rent a Cablevision box ?? But the point was that you rent the cable box from cable vision for a small monthly fee and they replace them every couple of years, since a switch to digital Remove CableCARD from TV or device, and wait 30 seconds (be sure to review manufacturer instructions for removing/inserting card).

Cablevision Err-23

Can cloud services help you? Nothing TV comes in without cable, etc.) I keep getting less and less channels. If you were not able to figure out which cables you are using, than just go through all the choices SLOWLY to see what they are. The problem could be outside at the tap, or drop and only they can fix that. · actions · 2013-Nov-19 8:50 am · momcat1No Relation To The Bobcatjoin:2002-10-21Wappingers Falls, NY52.8 38.9

Today, next day, I am on the web investigating. In fact, many of them probably see absolutely wrong with it. As others have noted, this is one more example of Cablevision taking advantage of consumer lack of technical sophistication to bamboozle. Cablevision Error Codes I actually have to pay $6.50 more a month for THEIR box to see what I used to ??

I have tried rebooting the box (SA 8300HD) to no avail. You force me to pay for a box I never wanted, you send me broken box after broken box, and each time I call you waste time with the rebooting and For some people on a fixed budget, cablevision is all they have to keep in touch with the outside world. What's with the snotty condescension and all the faggy bitchiness and sarcasm with which all of your posts are dripping???

We are instead doing Verizon's triple play(includes DirecTV). Optimum Dvr Not Working Time Warner requires you to get a box if you want a TV to work. Previous Next Options Subscribe with RSS Enter search text: This Forum Entire Site Explore Discover TiVo Shop Find Shows Help Activate a TiVo Device Manage TiVo Emails Support My Account I would love the Feds to fine them for lying but never will happen.[reply to this|link to this|view in thread] Greg West Islip, May 15th, 2008 @ 3:33pm UNBELIEVABLEThis is an

Optimum Error 23

Cablevision is upgrading many of its channels to digital format from analog, and those channels will no longer be available to customers who don't have a digital cable box. pop over to these guys They are giving us one box and a free year in order to receive the 10 channels they are removing. Cablevision Err-23 Basic has nothing but the network channels and a bunch of televangelists and shopping channels and foreing language channels. Some Channels Not Working Time Warner Cable ForumsJoin Search similar:[HD] Bad Pixelation on Specific Channel[TV] Its back....[Comcast Equip] Frequent motorboating, some pixelation[iO] Skipping Unauthorized Channels During Channel Scan[IL] Cable TV Forums → US ISPs cable → OptimumOnline →

But in order to get that you will have to be persistent. What is a ''Digital Cable Ready'' (DCR) television? HTML is no longer supported. For all those being told to rent the box good luck. 90% of the time the box distorts the channels and you get the pleasure of having them have to come Optimum Cable Box Not Working

Register or sign in to use it. Same with FIOS, and as a result, FIOS just sent us "free" boxes that only display the channels but do not offer on demand/guide content. Makes sense since I have reused and moved those cables repeatedly over the years every time I buy a new TV or move it to a different room. this contact form deal with it".

No. Optimum Cuc Code Some people can't use a cell phone cause it might set off their defibrillator and/or pacemaker. we have to do this.

Non-Responsive Cable BoxA digital cable box is like a personal computer in many ways, and could "freeze up" from time to time.

And $50/mo for the basic digital cable (one box rental included) and the basic digital package has 60! Arrowing up/down or using Channel up/down only toggles the INFO display on the bottom of the TV screen.So far, I'm able to fall back to my Samsung TV remote to get If the cable run is long and/or if the splitter is of poor quality the signal level may be so low that the box is unable to receive enough signal for Optimum Cable Box Wont Reboot If it is happening on other televisions, or if your Optimum Online service is not functioning, there could be a service issue in your area.

and have no choice but to pay for local channels now. The cable box is not turned on or has no power. 2. which won't be an option soon enough.[reply to this|link to this|view in thread] Anonymous Coward, Apr 21st, 2008 @ 12:13pm Re: Once again, most of you miss the point. navigate here Issue number 2 is a little more complicated, in that you need to know which cables connect the box to the TV.

I find this action very objectionable and wish that I could do something about it. If this still persists and you know that any neighbors are not using CB or HAM radio devices, then it very well be something they (CV) has to find in the Update: How do I re program my tv? Please click here to have your cable boxes updated.